My Latest Guitar Projects

WarlockMy Warlock is a late 80’s early 90’s B.C.Rich Platinum Edition Guitar I had purchased from a pawn shop for $75. It was in very bad shape. The body looked like a elementary school art project with brush painted lightning and purple/black spray paint. The electronics needed upgrading and rewiring bad, lots of static noise. So in my spare time I have been purchasing parts here and there to make this warlock scream better that it has ever before. I am replacing everything except the body. I have a 24 fret “KKW Black Widow” neck, Floyd Rose tremolo system, Gotoh Tuners, and B.C. Rich B.D.S.M. pickups ( same ones that are in the picture to the left). Once I have repaired the body and modified it to fit the tremolo I will create the most awesome graphic that will make this the most evil warlock in the world. (insert evil laugh here)JEM

The Ibanez is a new project I had just started. This is guitar will be for my wife. Ever since I had shown her this guitar, she has fell in love with the inlay of the “Tree of Life” that it has on the neck. I am building it out of donor parts I find on the net. So far I have ordered a neck that will be arriving in a day or two. Once I have collected all the essential parts, my wife is going to grace me with the color she wants. Once the project gets underway I will post pictures of project. But for now you get to see Steve Vai’s Beautiful Pearl White Ibanez Jem.